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Sniper Events

Big Money 1K

This is a memorial event for our friend Lt. Mike "Big Money" Howe of the Baltimore County SWAT.  I will consist of unknown distance steel targets out to 1,000 +/- yards.  The event will be timed and shot under the operational conditions.

Sponsor - London Bridge Tactical Strength Pays Obstacle Course

The O-Course is a multi-positioned course consisting of rope climbs, low crawls and various other obstacles.  A weighted back pack or "bear crawl" penalty for no back pack will be assessed. A 30# pack allows you to begin at the first obstacle.  

Sponsor - Tactical Distributors Movers / Cold Bore

This event begins with a 200 cold bore immediately followed by a fast walker.  Penalties are assessed for impacts outside the B-27 center mover target.  

What If?

This event tests the ruggedness of equipment and confidence of the sniper in an unfortunate rifle drop.  You may op out with your precious snow flake rifle but with a distance penalty. 

Sponsor - Danner Boots Stationary Event

This event begins with a 600 yard cold bore.  There will be a 600 and 300 yard stage from operational types of shooting positions.

POFC Jason Schneider Urban Pursuit

This is a memorial event honoring our friend and teammate Jason Schneider.  It takes place on Range 9 Urban Pursuit Course.  It requires teams to move rapidly through urban types of positions while engaging a hostage target.

Events Continued

Built Not Bought Sponsored by Sterling Arsenal

Open to anyone on Vendor Day (Thursday). It is time to recognize those snipers and patrol rifle operators that go outside the normal course of business to build their own rifle.  This also is open to complete custom builds by a gunsmith.  This is not a required event and separate prizes will be awarded.

Maryland Crab Trap

One of last year's favorite....a multi position tower requiring the team to negotiate through narrow passage ways to engage targets through wooden barriers at 200 yards.

Patrol Rifle Positional (Patrol Rifle Comp Only)

This event will challenge Patrol Rifle Comp competitors to fire quickly from multi positional shooting positions.

Patrol Rifle Moving Target

100 yard moving target event.  Patrol Rifle Competitors only.

Patrol Rifle Urban Multi Position Steel Course

Patrol Rifle competitors will negotiate through the Range 9 Urban Pursuit Course while engaging steel targets.  This is a timed event.

Patrol Rifle Shoot Off / Vendor Day / Built Not Bought

Thursday May 3rd will be the vendor day.  Patrol Rifle Comp Competitors will have ties broken in a shoot off.  Those that have qualifying rifle (can be a different rifle than the one competed with) are encouraged to try the Built Not Bought event.  Awards will be presented on this last day of the Patrol Rifle Comp. 

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